New Roast Schedule for our online shoppers

Hello Happy Camper, 


We are always trying to improve what we do here at Camp Coffee Roasters.  One of the things we have observed is that our online roast schedule is creating a bit of lag as we roast on Thursdays.  We have gotten some feedback that some orders sit in transit on Sundays depending on how far we have to ship.  To fix this, we are going to begin to roast and ship coffees on MONDAYS.  This will ensure the speediest of arrivals for all packages we send out.  We will be sending out this info via our mailing list as well.  ALSO - We are still doing FREE SHIPPING through 31 OCTOBER by using the code   teamcamp   So, thanks for checking in and reading this far.  Hope yall are enjoying the cool air out there...fall is just around the corner.  Cheers.

hey honey...its me again

Our newest coffee on the offering list is a Honey Processed Costa Rican coffee.  But what the heck does that mean?  Is it dipped in honey?  Did we add flavors?  We get some questions from time to time in our cafe so I thought we would take a minute to talk about the processing and what it means to your cup.   If you are a visual learner like me, look at the chart on the bottom of the page to see more.  After digging around on the web, we found some good info at one of our favorite site to learn more about coffee.  The breakdown below is credited to :

WASHED COFFEE - Lets start with the most common process.

Washed coffees focus solely on the bean. They let you taste you what’s on the inside, not the outside. Washed coffees depend almost 100% on the bean having absorbed enough natural sugars and nutrients during its growing cycle. This means the varietal, soil, weather, ripeness, fermentation, washing, and drying are critical.

Washed coffees reflect both the science of growing the perfect coffee bean and the fact that farmers are an integral part of crafting the taste of a coffee bean. When looking at washed coffees, it becomes apparent that the country of origin and environmental conditions play a vital role in adding to the flavor. This means that the washed process is able to highlight the true character of a single origin bean like no other process – and it’s the reason why so many specialty coffees are washed.


 In many ways, this type of coffee is halfway between a washed coffee and a natural process coffee: it’s fruity, but not in as exaggerated a way as some naturals. It often has a more rounded acidity than washed coffees, with intense sweetness and complex mouthfeel.

The honey process is strongly associated with Costa Rica and, in recent years, subcategories have developed: yellow, red, golden, black, and white honey. This reflects the ability this process has to influence the taste and overall profile of a coffee. It can become a highly scientific process, as the level of mucilage – which influences the sweetness and depth of body of the coffee – is monitored and controlled. Typically, the more mucilage left on the bean, the sweeter the taste.


The natural process, also known as the dry process, is a back-to-basics approach that stems from Ethiopia. The fruit is left on the bean, and there’s little disruption to the coffee while it dries. Although it needs less investment, it still requires certain climatic conditions to ensure the drying of the fruit and seed in time.

Over time, the natural process has become considered a lower-quality method that can lead to inconsistent flavors. This inconsistency is often the result of unripe fruit drying and turning brown alongside ripe fruits.

However, there are many who believe this process actually has the potential to create the most flavorful coffees – and that a comeback is just around the corner. If consistency can be achieved, then many argue that natural coffees can match washed coffees for clarity, and also provide some more interesting notes and characteristics as well. You can see this happening in Brazil, among other places.

New coffees are here and more on the way soon...

Hello happy campers, we have landed a few really nice coffees to add to the selection.  Both the Gedeb and the new Brazil Silva have been in the shop now for about a month and folks have been loving them.  Pretty sure the new Brazil is one of the best Brazils we have had the pleasure of drinking in some time.  As the description says,  we were able to get 3 bags of this microlot coffee and when its gone, its gone till next year, so check it out.  

Last but not least, we wanted to tell y'all about our newest blend...BLACK BUTTER!  Its darker than anything we've had on the bar yet and the feedback from our dark coffee drinkers is all good.  We have had many requests for this one so we did a few experimental batches and the final product is a hot one.  All you west coast drinkers that dig that rich body and bold flavor will feel right at home.  We were careful not to burn the beans in the process and you wouldn't call this a French or Italian roast as its not all burned and charred...buttery is the word.  If you crave the taste of boldness and want to find that perfect cup that compliments a huge plate of bacon and eggs, this is good to go.

Hope everyone out there is enjoying this beautiful weather and having a great summer.  Cheers!

PS If you've read this far, we have a surprise for you through the end of October!

 FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER 40 bucks.  Just use the code: teamcamp

A night at Reids Cafe

Hello happy campers,  I wanted to take a moment to share something with you all.  Here at Camp Coffee Roasters we love good coffee and with that, good food as well.  

Recently,  we had the chance to visit one of the amazing places that participate in our coffee program, Reid's Cafe.  We were utterly floored by the amazing experience we discovered.  From the moment we walked in the door, to the last bite of an amazing desert! 


Affogato perfecto ( with our espresso blend) 

If you find yourself looking for an amazing meal that has been prepared with great care and thoughtfulness, we wanted to take a moment to share a gem in the High Country's amazing cuisine. 

Check them out at

New Crops are inbound


The holiday season is here.  Good food, tacky sweaters, and new crop coffees from our favorite Indonesian coffee farms.   We have pulled quite a few coffees off the site but hold tight,  new ones will be popping up soon.  To include our newest premium coffee the "LA MODESTA". An amazing microlot coffee from Colombia that will rock your world.  Stay tuned and happy holidays! 

Welcome Fall: Let's Talk about Profiling!

The cool air is finally here.  I hope y'all are enjoying it, we here at Team Camp are excited to welcome some amazing hiking, perfect mountain biking weather and last but not least the ideal climate for bouldering and climbing.  The fall brings so many great places to life here in the High Country.  One of our favorites is the Profile Trail on Grandfather Mountain.   

On the Profile Trail about half way to the top you'll find a lovely bench to sit and take in the view.  It was constructed by the local Boys Scouts as an Eagle Scout service project. 

On the Profile Trail about half way to the top you'll find a lovely bench to sit and take in the view.  It was constructed by the local Boys Scouts as an Eagle Scout service project. 

Just a quick update...

Our El Eden is in and ready for you to enjoy.  We are loving this amazing coffee in the Chemex and the kalita wave.  Get it while you can cause it will go fast.  Remember, you can find a promo code in our last post for free shipping.  Cheers!

New Coffees in our online store and a special discount on shipping (read below)

Take a look at our offerings to see whats new.  We have had a flurry of new coffees at the shop over the summer but now you can find them online.  We have added a dark Peru, a Burundi for those looking to expand the horizons of African coffees to choose from.  Our classic blend coined the "Blowing Rock Blend" is now available as well for those looking to get a taste of mountain life.

Last but certainly not least is our special pick of the season which will only be available for a limited time, the Colombia El Eden.  We will be doing a full blog post on the cupping of this coffee soon so keep your ear to the ground.  

Hey You!!!  Just for reading our blog you get the hook up on FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50.00 from now until the end of the month of September (2016).   Use the coupon code        teamcamp on orders over 50 bucks and we pay the shipping.  Hope y'all enjoy the coffee and enjoy the day- Cheers!

Let's Talk Camping @ Price Lake

Welcome August and the last days of summer. We hope y'all have enjoyed your summer thus far as we've had a blast. Here in beautiful Blowing Rock, #TeamCamp has been climbing, mountain biking, hiking, camping, canoeing and much more. If you are looking for a spot to have an adventure then come on up the mountain and see what our town has to offer.  The focus of this article today is Price Lake, one of the local favorites.

Crystal clear water with views of Grandfather Mountain.  

Crystal clear water with views of Grandfather Mountain.


Today we wanted to tell you about one of our favorite spots to play outside, Price Lake. If you head south on the Blur Ridge Parkway from Blowing Rock, just a few miles down the road you will find one of our favorite spots to trail run, canoe, hike, camp, and just enjoy Mother Natures incredible views.  

Plenty of amazing campsite to choose from, offering a variety of features and amenities. 

Plenty of amazing campsite to choose from, offering a variety of features and amenities. 

If you want to set up camp and relax by the lake, this is the perfect place.  Lots of plush features makes this almost "glamping".    See the map below to find all the spots.  If you plan to reserve a spot in advance, which we highly recommend,  take a look at the numbers on the map.  The ones on the lake fill up fast for a good reason...they are super sweet!  

The lake loop and the boat launch are choice. 

The lake loop and the boat launch are choice. 

Now that you have your campsite dialed it, time to plan an adventure or two.  The next map has a loop around the lake that is great for a chill walk with the kids or those folks just getting in to the hiking game.  Be advised, if it has been raining this one could be a bit wet.  The map below also has the location of the boat rental dock.  I've taken the family here many times on a canoe ride and we love it.  They offer life jackets as well.  Also, if you have your own (nonmotorized craft) bring it along and hit the water.  Be sure to check this area out. 


A solid dose of mountain trail.  

A solid dose of mountain trail.  

So you've checked out the lake loop and the kids loved it but you want worries my friends, the Boone Fork Loop is waiting to break you off a piece.  Accessible right across the street from Price Lake, this is hands down one of the best trails around if you want to get a dose of these amazing mountains in a 5 mile loop.  Waterfalls, rhododendron caves, open woods, craggy rock moves and amazing views along the way too.  Bring some water and wear good shoes for this one.  The trail is well marked and passes through Julian Price Park as well (another really cool spot).    Make sure to hop off the trail and check out Hebron Falls and one of its many swimming holes too.  Be advised : if you see a sock or some undies hangin from the trees on the way to a swimmin hole, that's mountain code for skinny dippers, nuff said.  See the map on the right here to get a look at the loop.

Hope y'all enjoyed this and we should mention something about coffee?  Yeah, enjoy some coffee before you hit the trail.  Send us some pics of your coffee camping rig via Instagram and it may pop up in the blog.  Next time around we will be taking about just that - camping rigs for coffee.  Thanks for checking us out and remember ...

"Let's go outside and play.. but first, coffee!"