Our Story

Where do I start?  First question I get is Why Camp?  The name Camp Coffee is short for "Campbell Family Coffee Roasters"   and I, Jason Campbell - lead roaster and founder, picked up the nickname "Jay Camp" in Iraq in my early days in the US Army.   Back in 2003,  I began a journey in coffee right in downtown Boone.    Learning on a small fluid bed roaster, and then a 6 pound San Fran drum roaster, I began a path down a road of obsession in route to the perfect coffees.  Over a decade later, my business partner and amazing wife Amanda and I are still on the path to amazing coffees... only now there is an extraordinary team around us and we are going full steam ahead towards creating amazing coffee to put in your mug.

We have been on Main Street in Blowing Rock since 2010 and we love hanging out here in the mountains.      We share a historic building with Footsloggers,  the authorities in outdoor activities as they offer provisions for all your adventures ...and we provide the caffeine.  We invite you to stop by and visit our new espresso bar. Our baristas are crafting some of the finest espresso drinks around while we roast select coffee beans from around the world.

Our Team

Team Camp has a passion for coffee.  We are always learning and looking for new ideas and techniques to make the best coffee we can craft.  But... once we have had our coffee, we pursue our other favorite passion...Playing Outside.  Our baristas love spending time skiing, climbing on the rocks, in the woods hiking and running , on bikes both on the road and on the trails and just having fun in these amazing mountains we call home.   Thats why we say...

Lets Go Outside and Play...But First, Coffee!



     At Camp Coffee Roasters, we believe a great cup of coffee opens a door to significant conversation, new connections, and a link from one to another.  A simple cup of coffee can be the catalyst to an amazing day -

We aim to bring that cup to each and every one of you.  Cheers!




COMMUNITY - We want to be aware of our surroundings, to engage those around us in a meaningful manner, and take the opportunity to make a difference when the door opens to do so. 

ADVENTURE - Whether its a hike across our beautiful mountain town or a trip deep into the wilderness, far from the busy world around us...we love this place we call home and hope to seize each day in the pursuit of our own adventures. 

MINDFULNESS - Our team is mindful of the world around us and the path each person walks.  We want to take the opportunity to engage others and have a positive impact on others .  We hope to enhance the lives in the path of our coffee, from paying a fair price to the farmers who grow these amazing coffees to ensuring each cup is presented to you with the utmost care to represent the farms of origin.

PASSION - Life is a gift and we aim to take each day as such and share our love of coffee along the way.