Game On Lenoir!

This is the bar... almost finished.  Shout out to Hank for the sweet pastry case!

This is the bar... almost finished.  Shout out to Hank for the sweet pastry case!

Wilbur Curtis brewer is brewing liquid gold

Wilbur Curtis brewer is brewing liquid gold

After months of remodeling, designing, and searching out the gear to make our new shop rock, we have arrived.  Tomorrow,  Tuesday June 18th we will unlock the door and have a “soft opening”. This means we will be dialing in all the little things here and there so we will slowly move towards perfection.  It’s been a long push with some cool new additions to include NITRO and cold brew coffee.   Our team had been going full steam ahead helping make it happen.   We are excited to be serving coffee in Lenoir... stay tuned for teasers about our next location which will open later this summer ... rhythms with spoon!  

Lenoir Countdown


We are just a few weeks away from opening here in Lenoir on Mulberry Street.   We hope to be serving coffee in early June.  We plan to have a Grand Opening later this summer with the help of our friends at the Caldwell Chamber of Commerce.  

We look forward to seeing y’all and bringing our fresh roasted coffees to Lenoir and we will be sure to update our blog as things progress.   

Lastly,  a BIG  thank you to #teamcamp as they have been hard at work with us on this project and many other exciting things that we’ve been doing. ( Like our cold brew and nitro coffee which is already on fire)  We’ve said it since the beginning and it bares repeating,  we couldn’t do what we do or be where we are without our team.   

PS-  Since y’all took the time to read this far,  we will share a little secret if you keep it on the down low... keep your eyes peeled in Boone as things are happening soon.   Can’t give out any deets yet BUT cool things are happening.   


Here Comes Nitro

Hello Campers,  we’ve been in the lab here at Camp HQ recently working on our cold brew recipes.  Blowing Rock will soon be getting our first batches of this smooth drinking goodness,  we will be serving both cold brew and nitro coffee.


Cold brew is a process where the coffee is essentially steeped for 12-24 hours in cool to room temp water without ever being heated.  This method is up to 60% less acidic than a hot brewed coffee that is traditionally served.  

Nitro coffee is where nitrogen is infused into the cold brew to create a creamy cascading drink that will give you a completely different take on coffee.  

The first batches will land soon so keep your eyes peeled for a new take on our coffees.  

Yes, we have a Sasquatch. 

Yes, we have a Sasquatch. 

LENOIR UPDATE:  Our location on Mulberry Street in downtown Lenoir is just weeks away from our soft opening.  We’ve been working hard and putting in some long days.  Our friends at Frye’s Sign Company installed the sign last week and it looks sharp.  We hope to be open in the late June timeframe and we look forward to serving our coffees in LA (Lenoir Area) :)

Our site just got better...again!

We have been busy here at Camp HQ trying to make your online coffee experience better. No, we don’t have a delivery robot…YET. BUT we’ve got a hot coupon code for ya. Use the code SUBSCRIBE and you will save 10 bones on your order ( one per customer) and further, you now get FREE SHIPPING on all orders over seventy dollars. Sweet sauce!


Y’all have been asking for a coffee subscription offer and you’ve got it! We are offering this feature for our best selling coffees. What does this mean? If you select the subscription option, the coffees you choose will be roasted, billed and shipped to you every 2 weeks and you don’t have to worry about running out of coffee or getting on the website to order more. That easy… and if you change your mind, you can cancel at any time. No worries. ALSO - Another Exciting New feature coming your way at our site tis the elusive 5 pound bags of our best selling coffees! BOOM that just happened. We will also be offering a once a month subscription for our 5 lb bags. That will keep you and the team fueled for the adventure.

Thank you for hanging in there with us, we will keep working to make your coffee experience better here at our site and in our shops as well. We hope to see you in Blowing Rock soon and in Lenoir this spring. Cheers.

Hey Sweetheart


It’s that time of the year again.  Valentines Day is right around the corner and what better way to spend time with your sweetie than with a cup of fresh roasted coffee.   One of my favorite seasonal coffees is here,  this year our Sweetheart Blend features two lovely coffees from a cooperative in the Honduras.  A honey washed coffee and a natural process coffee blended together into perfect harmony.  It’s sweetness and rich chocolate body are a real crowd pleaser.  LIMITED RELEASE 12 OZ bag.

PS-  If you want to know more about honey process and natural process,  take a look at our past blog post , HELLO HONEY to find out more.  CHEERS! 

Christmas Vacation


Just wanted to take a second to say thank you to everyone for making 2018 a fine year indeed.  We wanted to fill you in on our Christmas Vacation.  Yes, we will be taking a break from December 18  till JAN 8, thats why you wont see the SHOP NOW tab on our site.  Dont worry, we will be back soon.  We will be traveling a bit to see family and friends…and maybe snag a cup of egg nog with cousin Eddie. REAL NICE CLARK!!! Hope y'all have a safe and happy holiday.

Make It Happen!

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 5.13.53 PM.png

Thats right, we are gonna Make It Happen!  We’ve been hard at work trying to get moved to our new location here in Lenoir, NC.  Now we have done it and we are ready to go live with the site as of Saturday, October the 6th. 



Hey Camper,

Good news / bad news here...

First, the bad news...we will be closed online as we prepare to move the roaster to a larger space. 

GOOD NEWS!  We will have a larger space to devote to our online service.  This will allow us to offer more exciting  coffees and will allow us to begin to sell our 5 pound bags online as well.   



Heres a fun sketch that will find its way on to a shirt soon.  Print this up and color it ( with watercolors, color pencils, coffee grounds or whatever) and bring it in to our shop in Blowing Rock and get a FREE 12 oz cup of coffee. **

One of our friends left this little sketch behind before she made her way across the country on an epic outdoor adventure.  An avid skier, climber, runner, and all around outdoor athlete, she left this along side a note to say thanks for providing the fuel for her adventures.  we will be offering a shirt with this design on the site soon as well.   FUN FACT - This is fun to print and color for the lil campers.  

**( Offer is only good for one 12 oz cup of coffee and is not exchangeable or to be used as a credit for other products)

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