Christmas Vacation


Just wanted to take a second to say thank you to everyone for making 2018 a fine year indeed.  We wanted to fill you in on our Christmas Vacation.  Yes, we will be taking a break from December 18  till JAN 8, thats why you wont see the SHOP NOW tab on our site.  Dont worry, we will be back soon.  We will be traveling a bit to see family and friends…and maybe snag a cup of egg nog with cousin Eddie. REAL NICE CLARK!!! Hope y'all have a safe and happy holiday.

Make It Happen!

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 5.13.53 PM.png

Thats right, we are gonna Make It Happen!  We’ve been hard at work trying to get moved to our new location here in Lenoir, NC.  Now we have done it and we are ready to go live with the site as of Saturday, October the 6th. 



Hey Camper,

Good news / bad news here...

First, the bad news...we will be closed online as we prepare to move the roaster to a larger space. 

GOOD NEWS!  We will have a larger space to devote to our online service.  This will allow us to offer more exciting  coffees and will allow us to begin to sell our 5 pound bags online as well.   



Heres a fun sketch that will find its way on to a shirt soon.  Print this up and color it ( with watercolors, color pencils, coffee grounds or whatever) and bring it in to our shop in Blowing Rock and get a FREE 12 oz cup of coffee. **

One of our friends left this little sketch behind before she made her way across the country on an epic outdoor adventure.  An avid skier, climber, runner, and all around outdoor athlete, she left this along side a note to say thanks for providing the fuel for her adventures.  we will be offering a shirt with this design on the site soon as well.   FUN FACT - This is fun to print and color for the lil campers.  

**( Offer is only good for one 12 oz cup of coffee and is not exchangeable or to be used as a credit for other products)

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Happy 2018 - We are back in the saddle again...

Hello Again Happy Campers,

de la finca farm hand.jpg

Hope yall enjoyed the holiday season.  Thank you all for your patience as we took a break to celebrate the season.   We got the chance to travel to see family, eat lots of pie, and relax.  Now lets get the roaster fired up and get back to work.  2018 should bring some amazing new coffees as we have connected with De La Finca coffee and the COOP manager as well as one of the farmers from Honduras delivered the first bag to us.  We will be featuring some microlot coffees from the producers of the COMSA COOP.  

We will be offering a box set of these special coffees as well as limited offerings as harvest comes this season.  


Roaster maintenance

Wilma will be back in action asap. 

Wilma will be back in action asap. 

Good Morning happy campers.  For the week of Oct 16th through Oct 23rd we are pulling our coffees from the online shop so we can do our annual roaster maintenance.  Once in a while, we need to take our roaster, "Wilma" completely apart and get a good look at all the moving parts.  Sorry for the inconvenience but don't worry, we will be back in action in two shakes of a lambs tail.

Thanks to all y'all who have been enjoying our coffees and cheers! 

New Roast Schedule for our online shoppers

Hello Happy Camper, 


We are always trying to improve what we do here at Camp Coffee Roasters.  One of the things we have observed is that our online roast schedule is creating a bit of lag as we roast on Thursdays.  We have gotten some feedback that some orders sit in transit on Sundays depending on how far we have to ship.  To fix this, we are going to begin to roast and ship coffees on MONDAYS.  This will ensure the speediest of arrivals for all packages we send out.  We will be sending out this info via our mailing list as well.  ALSO - We are still doing FREE SHIPPING through 31 OCTOBER by using the code   teamcamp   So, thanks for checking in and reading this far.  Hope yall are enjoying the cool air out there...fall is just around the corner.  Cheers.