Colombia Macana microlot

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Colombia Macana microlot


This is a real crowd pleaser of a coffee BUT its sure to please the more aroused palate as well. A solid cup that has subtle notes of a chocolate covered banana. Yes we said banana and we wouldn't believe it if we didn't taste it. This microlot will be gone soon so treat your taste buds to a lovely cup of Macaca.

COLOMBIA Macana microlot

Farmer: Omar Humberto Hoyos

Region: Antioquia

Processing type: Fully washed and patio dried

Cupping Notes: milk chocolate, banana, tropical, with a stone fruit fragrance

For over fifteen years, producer Omar Humberto Hoyos has operated a farm he calls Alto de Macanas, a property that sits at an altitude of 1,910 meters near the coffee trading town of Andes, Antioquia. Hoyos and his wife work year-round, tending to nearly 7,000 coffee trees along steep hillsides surrounding their home. With a total of 1.6 hectares, the family produces around 40 bags per year in partnership with the De Los Andes Cooperative. Their farm includes a private wet mill and fermentation basin, plus a sliding roof feature, which protects the parchment that sun-dries on the patio on top of the couple’s home.

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