Coming soon to Camp Coffee Roasters


Here in Blowing Rock at "Base Camp" we have been scoping out some new crops that are heading our way.  An important part of finding coffees to roast is cupping the coffee.  Cupping is becoming an event that our team really enjoys.  We will sit down and really taste the coffee and see what we like and how it can get better.   The feedback and ideas that swirl around are stellar.  

We want to share that experience with the folks that come in to see us at the shop.  From time to time we set up the big table downstairs and do an informal cupping with our guests and if that sounds like fun to you, just let us know.  We would love to find some time to walk through the process and let you cup with us.  If you are heading towards Blowing Rock, stop in at the roastery downstairs and check it out.