New Coffees in our online store and a special discount on shipping (read below)

Take a look at our offerings to see whats new.  We have had a flurry of new coffees at the shop over the summer but now you can find them online.  We have added a dark Peru, a Burundi for those looking to expand the horizons of African coffees to choose from.  Our classic blend coined the "Blowing Rock Blend" is now available as well for those looking to get a taste of mountain life.

Last but certainly not least is our special pick of the season which will only be available for a limited time, the Colombia El Eden.  We will be doing a full blog post on the cupping of this coffee soon so keep your ear to the ground.  

Hey You!!!  Just for reading our blog you get the hook up on FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50.00 from now until the end of the month of September (2016).   Use the coupon code        teamcamp on orders over 50 bucks and we pay the shipping.  Hope y'all enjoy the coffee and enjoy the day- Cheers!