Heres a fun sketch that will find its way on to a shirt soon.  Print this up and color it ( with watercolors, color pencils, coffee grounds or whatever) and bring it in to our shop in Blowing Rock and get a FREE 12 oz cup of coffee. **

One of our friends left this little sketch behind before she made her way across the country on an epic outdoor adventure.  An avid skier, climber, runner, and all around outdoor athlete, she left this along side a note to say thanks for providing the fuel for her adventures.  we will be offering a shirt with this design on the site soon as well.   FUN FACT - This is fun to print and color for the lil campers.  

**( Offer is only good for one 12 oz cup of coffee and is not exchangeable or to be used as a credit for other products)

Untitled 3.png