Here Comes Nitro

Hello Campers,  we’ve been in the lab here at Camp HQ recently working on our cold brew recipes.  Blowing Rock will soon be getting our first batches of this smooth drinking goodness,  we will be serving both cold brew and nitro coffee.


Cold brew is a process where the coffee is essentially steeped for 12-24 hours in cool to room temp water without ever being heated.  This method is up to 60% less acidic than a hot brewed coffee that is traditionally served.  

Nitro coffee is where nitrogen is infused into the cold brew to create a creamy cascading drink that will give you a completely different take on coffee.  

The first batches will land soon so keep your eyes peeled for a new take on our coffees.  

Yes, we have a Sasquatch. 

Yes, we have a Sasquatch. 

LENOIR UPDATE:  Our location on Mulberry Street in downtown Lenoir is just weeks away from our soft opening.  We’ve been working hard and putting in some long days.  Our friends at Frye’s Sign Company installed the sign last week and it looks sharp.  We hope to be open in the late June timeframe and we look forward to serving our coffees in LA (Lenoir Area) :)