Wilma ( our roaster) is almost ready to roll

Just in case your wondering about the name Wilma, it was the name of my great granny Wilma Odom.  She was the bees knees and I wanted to remember her as she was one of the first people to let me try coffee long ago.

The last few weeks have been crazy as we build towards firing up our new roaster for the first time.  We have had a variety of speed bumps and such but the stage is now set.  The good folks at Edmisten Heating and Air are about to tie up the last piece of the puzzle, the ventalation of our fire breathing coffee roaster.  That means next week we will get the beans a cooking.  Our first offerings will be some of the classics and my favorites as well.  We will be featuring 2 African coffees, one from the Americas and an Indo.  



New Coffees in the shop


First up is a SIDAMO.  The Origin is Sidamo with a location of Bensa. The name of the Farm is the Kori Farm and the name of family at the Farm is Kekebo Jelo & Eliyas Jelo. This is a Grade 2 coffee. Processing method is washed and this coffee is grown at an altitude -1550-2200m. Total area in production – 32 Ha Total natural area not in production – 62 Ha

Cupping Notes – Very balanced.  Sparkly with a great mouthfeel. Bright and clean.  Hints of raisin, jasmine, blueberry and citrus.



Next up is a Kenya The Kieni Wet Mill is located in Nyeri in the central highlands of Kenya at an altitude of 1,700 metres above sea level and is run by the Mugaga Farmers' Cooperative Society. 

The coffee is wet processed, where the fully ripe cherries are; pulped, fermented, washed then dried slowly over 2- 3 weeks where the moisture content is reduced to 10-12%. The coffee is then delivered to the dry mill. 

In the cup expect a super traditional Kenyan that's been shaken up with a Tiki twist. First thing you'll get is the huge creamy mouthfeel, like double cream with some clotted cream added in for fun. Then there's a big hit of juicy tropical fruit which finishes with a super sweet pineapple acidity. A deliciously different Kenyan. 

Country: Kenya
County: Nyeri
Mill: Kieni
Society: Mugaga Farmers’ Cooperative Society Limited
Farmers: 905
Acreage Farmed: 202 Acres
Altitude: 1,700 m.a.s.l. 
Varietal: SL28
Coffee Grade: AA
Flowering Perioid: March
Harvest Season: October - December
Average Annual Rainfall: 1,680mm
Average Annual Temperature: 12-27°C
Soil Type: Red volcanic soils that are rich in phosphorus and are well drained
Processing Method: Wet processing (Washed) 
Drying Process: Dry, milling after the parchment has dried

Cupping Notes "Sweet with toffee, herbec and grapefruit; intense citric acidity."